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Why the custom data is not displayed on the dashboard?
Why the custom data is not displayed on the dashboard?

Here is what you should check if the attributes, tags and events you tagged from your app or the Custom Data API are not displayed.

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Step 1: Use the Debug Tool

First of all, make sure the data you tagged in your app is sent correctly to Batch from your app or from the Custom Data API. We recommend you use the debug tool to see the list of attributes, tags or events attached to your installation.

Step 2:  Activate the New Attributes / Events

New attributes, tags and events are disabled by default. Make sure you activated them from the dashboard Settings > "Custom data" tab:

If you are not seeing your new attributes in the list, you may be using an app built with the Dev API key. Use the "Dev/Prod" switch to see the custom data collected for the Dev API key (more information here):

🚧 Note:

  • Dev API Key: Only attributes, tags and events received from a build using a Live API key can be activated and used in a push campaign or an In-App automation. The custom data attached to a Dev API key cannot be used to segment your userbase from the dashboard. 

  • Custom Data API: New attributes and tags won't be displayed if Batch doesn't find any installs matching the custom user ID you targeted using the Custom Data API.

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