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Why do the stats of my app don’t appear on the dashboard?
Why do the stats of my app don’t appear on the dashboard?

Don't see any data on the dashboard after releasing your app? Here is everything you need to check:

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If Batch is not showing any data on your dashboard, here are some suggestions to find the issue:

  • 24h delay. Keep in mind that installs, DAU, starts and redeems are updated on a 24h basis, only for the Live API key.

  • Live/Dev API key: Make sure that you used the Live API key in the build you uploaded on the store. Batch doesn't compute stats for builds using the Dev API key (more information here: iOS / Android / Cordova).

  • Integration issue: If you still don't see any stats for your app 24h after changing the API key, you should check your logs to make sure the SDK is starting correctly in your app

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