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How can I configure the display time of web push notifications?
How can I configure the display time of web push notifications?

You can change the display duration of the web push notifications you receive from your computer's settings.

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Batch keeps the default display time of the user's system to ensure the best user experience.

The default display duration may vary depending on the browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.), the browser version, the OS, etc. It is generally set to 5 seconds by default. You can make it longer or shorter from your computer's settings.

Change the default display time

Windows 10

Click Start > Settings to open the Settings window and then click Ease of Access.

Select Display in the left bar and define the display time in the field Show notifications for:

You will find a similar drop-down menu for earlier versions of Windows under:

Windows 8

PC Settings > Ease of Access > "Show notifications for".

Windows 8.1

PC Settings > Ease of Access > Other options > "Show notifications for".

Windows 7

Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Ease of Access > Make it easier to focus on tasks > "Adjust time limits and flashing visuals".


The display time can not be changed from the Settings preferences on macOS, but only by using a Terminal command.

Open Terminal (use Finder and go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal). Type the following into Terminal:

defaults write bannerTime -int {duration}

Replace {duration} with the desired display duration in seconds, e.g. 15 seconds:

For macOS Sierra, El Capitan, and earlier, remove "-int" from the command.

To reset the default duration (generally 5 seconds), use this command:

defaults delete bannerTime

πŸ’‘ For the changes to apply, you need to restart your Mac after you run the command.

Find your notifications in the Notification Center

Once the display duration is over, the notification does not disappear permanently. You can find it back in your Notification Center (accessible from the right side of your screen on macOS and Windows 10).

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