Why adding an unsubscribe link to your email ?

Adding an unsubscribe link to your e-mail marketing campaigns allows Batch to get instant opt-out feedback and to not retarget recipients who have chosen to unsubscribe.

Thus, it allows:

  • Not to generate dissatisfaction with the recipient who has chosen not to receive e-mail marketing anymore

  • Not to damage the sending reputation

💡 Here is an example of an unsubscribe link:

Adding an unsubscribe link to a template

Here is how you can simply add an unsubscribe link for an email template in a single language:

<a data-msys-unsubscribe="1" href="[LANDING PAGE LINK]">Unsubscribe</a>

If the email template already contains personalization conditions to change the language of certain text blocks, the same should be done for the unsubscribe link:

<a data-msys-unsubscribe="1" {% if b.language == 'fr' %}href="https://static.batch.com/list-management/landing.fr.html"> Se désinscrire {% else %} href="https://static.batch.com/list-management/landing.html"> Unsubscribe {% end %}</a>

Choosing a unsubscribe landing page

Once recipients click on the "unsubscribe" link:

  • Batch removes the recipients from the marketing mailling list

  • Recipients are redirected to a personalized landing page hosted on your side

💡 By default, the purpose of this page is to confirm that the user is opt-out of your marketing mailing list. It also gives you a last chance to convince them to stay and continue to receive your content by redirecting them to a preference center.

If you do not have one yet, you can use our default landing page:

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