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How to add a video to my email?
How to add a video to my email?

Everything you need to know about video integration in your email from our Email Composer!

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Videos are everywhere, even in your emails! We will see in this article how to manage videos in our Email Composer.

Create the block

Once you have finished the structure of your email, you can add Blocks to define the content of each part of your email. From the Blocks part of the Content tab, you will be able to choose Video and place it on your email:

Link the video

You can choose between 2 ways to include videos in your emails.

Add the URL link to the video

It is the safest way to broadcast videos because it works perfectly with all email clients and on all devices.

πŸ’‘ The video is not in the email, your users will be redirected following the URL link in their web browser.

Click on the Video block to open the settings panel on the left side of the screen and there, paste the link to your video. Our system will automatically fill in the Alternate text field but you can change it as you want.

You can now custom some parts such as:

  • The color of the Play button

  • The image of the thumbnails (the preview image of the video) through the Custom thumbnails button.

  • The alignment and the size of the preview

Embed video

The embedded video is played directly in e-mails. Recipients don't have to access another website to view it.

🚨 Embedded videos are only supported by Apple Mail (native iOS messaging), Thunderbird, and Outlook for Mac.

You need to change the Video block to the HTML one to custom the code of the video.

Once the HTML block is in place, click on Insert your HTML in the Code editor to open the code editor screen:

Here, you can use the following piece of code and customize it as you please!

<video class="adapt-img" controls="controls" poster="https://tlr.stripocdn.e-mail/content/guids/CABINET_0bd21bea47f1cfb916fb84d59a107495/images/92621531318217276.jpg" width="100%" height="313">

<source src="" type="video/mp4">

<source src="" type="video/webm">

<!-- fallback -->

<a href="" class="esd-frame-element esd-hover-element esdev-disable-select"><img class="adapt-img" src="https://tlr.stripocdn.e-mail/content/guids/CABINET_0bd21bea47f1cfb916fb84d59a107495/images/48461531318273724.jpg" alt="" width="100%" height="313"></a>

</video>Show more

πŸ’‘ Tips

The part of the code after "fallback" is intended for recipients whose devices and email clients do not support this interactivity. They are redirected to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video hosting site.

That's it! You now know everything about video in our Email Composer πŸŽ‰

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