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How to add social media to your email?
How to add social media to your email?

Learn how to add links to your social media with our Emain Composer.

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Social media are an essential part of your marketing strategy and it's natural to add a link to these accounts in your email. Usually in the footer of the email, next to the unsubscribe link, we'll see how to add these icons.

Add social medias

Once you have finished the structure of your email, you can add Blocks to define the content of each part of your email.

From the Content tab and Blocks, you will be able to choose Social and place it on your email:

Now that the block is in the right place, let's see how to customize it!

Edit the block

By clicking the new social block, the editing window opens on the left side of your screen πŸ‘‡

Choosing social media

You can add more social media or choose different ones by clicking on the βž• icon:

Then select through several options the look of the social media icons and the size of it:

There, you have two choices:

  • Generic icons

A long list of designs with known icons is ready to be used! Once you have chosen the right one, you can then set up the link to your social media accounts:

πŸ’‘ Tips:

The order of the icons is determined by the order in which you choose them. For example, if you want to see the LinkedIn icon first and YouTube second, you need to add LinkedIn first and then YouTube.

  • Custom icons

You may want to personalize these icons in order, for example, to add the icon of your brand and the link to your website. Choose the Custom icons line in the list:

Or add a new Custom icon:

You'll be able to add and edit your own icon image and a link to any website! If you need help in editing your image, read this article πŸ‘ˆ

Edit icons

Once your icons are in the right order, it's time to edit it!

Activate the More button to see all the settings. There, insert the appropriate URL links; enter the title and the alternative text.

And finally, the general setting of the block such as alignment, padding, and spacing.


The link to your social media account is generally in the footer of your email, next to the unsubscribe link and contact details. Learn how to add this unsubscribe link in this article of our help center.

When the footer of your email is done, don't forget to save it! So you can use it as a module when creating your future emails. Learn how to save a module in this article.

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