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Batch is THE next-generation Customer Engagement Platform. We help create relationships between customers and their favourite brands, through a very personalized experience. Our solution enables you to centralize all the data required for your CRM strategy, then we let you visualize & segment your audience, and finally send personalized messages via an omnichannel solution:

  • Push notifications (a mobile standard)

  • In-App messages (a technology unique to Batch)

  • Web push (a web browsers standard)

  • E-mails

Recognized by 350+ customers worldwide, our CRM platform and expertise enable modern marketing teams to monetize their omnichannel customer engagement strategies (600% ROI on average) through:

  • A unified customer view and powerful data model that allows you to collect and centralize customer insights in real-time

  • An easy-to-adopt marketing automation platform to execute all your workflows in minutes, from the simplest to the most sophisticated campaigns.

  • Centralized complementary channels (app push, in-app, web push, email) that deliver the right message to the right segment to maximize your engagement and conversion rates

Apart from this, we’re known and recognized for our regarded CRM and technical experts (4.96/5 on CSAT, with a median response time of 3 minutes), with industry knowledge to support your growth. We also have a powerful SDK (Top 80 at Google I/O) that has been easily integrated into 10k+ applications and sites worldwide.

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