If your campaigns show influenced opens and not direct opens, it is possible that something is misbehaving in your integration.

The problem can come from different places depending on your platform:

  • On iOS, it can be a conflict with another SDK that automatically integrates with your application delegate (such as but not limited to Firebase). You can fix this by manually integrating Batch.
    If you implement your own UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate, you need to make sure that Batch is integrated into it.
  • On Android, it can mean that Batch isn't integrated into all activities.
    If you're using a Custom Receiver (or Interceptor) and display your own notifications, you might not have copied the data Batch needs in the intent. See "Batch.Push.appendBatchData()" and related methods described in the custom receiver documentation.
    If you use a custom receiver, you should also reconsider it and see if the interceptor meets your needs. It greatly reduces the likeliness of this kind of error.

Once you've made the fixes, you can test it by doing the following: 

  1. Run the Xcode project or Android Project on a device in debug mode.
  2. Send a notification while outside of the app (in background mode, do not kill it).
  3. Open the notification.
  4. Look in your Xcode logs or Logcat. You should see "App was opened from a Batch push".
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