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Why did the SDK Auth Key change on my dashboard?
Why did the SDK Auth Key change on my dashboard?
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You may have noticed that your Web SDK Auth Key has changed.

There are two possible explanations for that:

The "URL" field under "Settings > General" has changed

As the Auth Key is uniquely generated for your website, changing the URL will result in the generation of a new Auth Key. You should use this new one if you're seeing problems such as 401/403 errors towards in your browser's inspector.

Introduction of second-generation Auth Keys

On 2019/07/09, we introduced a new format for the Auth Key. As a result, we regenerated all of the Auth Keys of the platform.

Old keys will continue to work indefinitely: there is no need to update your configuration with the new key.

You can check what kind of key you have by looking at its first characters: first generations keys start with "1." whereas second-generation ones start with "2."

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