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Why is my campaign still running after the sending date has passed?
Why is my campaign still running after the sending date has passed?

In some cases, your campaign can still be live after the send date has passed in your country (e.g. local time based campaigns, etc).

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Case 1: the campaign is scheduled in local time

Campaigns scheduled to be sent at a specific time, in the user's timezone (see "Local time"), will run for 24 hours. This will ensure Batch delivers the message at the right moment to your users.

If you set your campaign at 8 AM local time, users based in Paris will receive the push notification 6 hours earlier than users based in Shangai. During these 6 hours (and more), the campaign will be live.

You can check if your campaign has been set to local time in the Review section of your campaign's details. 

Case 2: recurring automations

You can create push automations that repeat at specified intervals based on your users' local or global time (UTC). These automations will be displayed as complete once the end date has passed (if you specified one). You can also stop them manually if needed.  

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