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How often are the analytics refreshed on the dashboard?
How often are the analytics refreshed on the dashboard?

Most of the data you see on the dashboard is refreshed daily. Campaigns statistics and the number of tokens are refreshed in near real-time.

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Audience tab

The Audience tab is the first screen you see when you click the Analytics tab (more information here). Daily Active Users, installs, starts and the revenue shown on the Overview tab are refreshed daily, at 12:00 PM GMT. 

Notifications tab

The analytics shown on the Notifications tab is refreshed in real-time for the current day.

Note that the reengage rate and the repartition between influenced and direct opens are based on an estimate, which is recalculated within a few days after the campaign has been sent.

Userbase tab

The userbase tab gives you a complete overview of your current userbase (more information here). There are two kinds of data displayed on the Userbase tab:

Basis statistics

The number of installs and tokens are refreshed in real-time:

Native and custom data

The data is refreshed daily, at 12:00 PM GMT. Please note new custom attributes sent from the Custom Data API may take up to 24h to appear on the dashboard.


The Stats of My App Do Not Appear on the Dashboard

If Batch is not showing any data on your dashboard, here are some suggestions to find the issue:

  • 24h delay. Keep in mind that installs, starts and DAU are updated on a 24h basis, only for the Live API key. The data displayed on the Userbase tab (except the token count) is updated every 24h.

  • Live/Dev API key: Make sure that you used the Live API key in the build you uploaded on the store. Batch doesn't compute stats for builds using the Dev API key (more information here: iOS / Android / Cordova).

  • Integration issue: If you still don't see any stats for your app 24h after changing the API key, you should check your logs to make sure the SDK is starting correctly in your app

I'm Not Seeing the Attributes, Tags or Events I Tagged in My App

You will find some suggestions to find the issue in that guide: Why the Custom Data I Tagged is Not Displayed on the Dashboard

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