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What does "Default Language" mean in my campaign?
What does "Default Language" mean in my campaign?

Push in many languages and select a default language for fallback.

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When you create a new push or in-app campaign, the editor allows you to create notifications in several languages. The default language is the fallback language used in your push and In-App campaigns.

You can add languages, by clicking on "+". Batch will automatically send the message in the right language to every targeted user.

Default Language
1- If you are sending a campaign in one single language, you can write your push directly on the first tab "Default". 

  2- If you are sending a campaign written in different languages, choose one default language, then create many messages in other languages.
Batch will deliver the message in the default language if you don’t have a message in the language of a user.

💡 As a reminder:

How does Batch define the language of a user?

By default, Batch relies on the following mechanism to detect the user’s language:

  • Batch will detect the language selected in the device’s system settings (typically on an iPhone: Setting > General > Language and Region > Language)

  • Depending on the implementation of your app, it is possible that the language detected by Batch is overwritten by the user’s choice in the application. Indeed, this one will be overwritten if you have chosen to integrate a language choice request when opening the app.

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