How to improve my open rate?
I want to optimize my app traffic using push notifications.
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Open rate is the main KPI to know if your campaign successfully engaged your users.

There are several keys to create a campaign that your users will open.

The targeting, the timing, and the content need to be customized to fit your audience.

Usually, users prefer rich push (e.g. with an image attached) and like the wording to be short and illustrated with emojis.

Here are some tips to make sure your open rates always get better:

Target the right users

Batch offers you different targeting options to target your users.

If you want to know more about Smart Segments, Native and Custom Attributes, or Custom Audiences, click on the button below:

Send your campaigns at the best time using the best delivery option

Now, Scheduled, Recurring or Trigger?

To know which delivery type to choose for each campaign and why, read this:

In the Campaigns tab, for "Now" and "Scheduled" campaigns:

In the Automations tab, for "Recurring" and "Trigger" campaigns:

Wisely choosing the best time to send push notifications can increase traffic and boost engagement.

When is the right time? Here are some hints:

Adapt your wording to the audience

Are you wondering if you should use a formal or familiar tone in your mobile communication?

Test your wording with the A/B test feature:

Use emojis

How to use emojis wisely in your messages?

Here is a list of all the best practices:

Attach an image to your push

You can easily improve your open rates by adding an image, Gif, or video to your push notification.

Click here to know everything about Rich Push:

Personalize your messages using Dynamic Content

You can personalize your push notifications from the campaign editor using the data you have collected from your users. For instance, you can customize the name, the city, or the amount left in the pot's user.

Click the button to learn how to do it:

This feature is also available for In-App messages and works in a very similar way.

Click the button to learn how to do it:

The Dynamic Content feature is available for the Enterprise plan and optional for other plans.

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