How does retargeting work?

This feature allows you to retarget audiences, users who opened the push and users who viewed an In-App from a previously sent campaign.

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Retargeting is an optional feature. If you're interested, please contact us.

A/ Retargeting options

1. Retarget Push Audiences

This option allows you to target users who already received previously sent campaigns. In the opposite way, you can also exclude the users who received the campaign from your targeting.

2. Retarget Push Openers

Retarget Push Openers feature lets you select users who opened a previously sent campaign. As for audience retargeting, you can also create a campaign excluding users who did not open a specific campaign. For instance, you can generate reminder campaigns targeting users who did not open a previous campaign and encourage them to finalize a task.


You can choose to target the users who have opened a campaign that has already been sent.

Or on the contrary, you can exclude those users in your new campaign segment. So you will be able to send a reminder campaign to all the users which didn’t open a push. Click on the "Add conditions" button.

  1. Choose “Retarget push audiences”

  2. Choose "Retarget push openers" and click on “INVERT” if you want to target only the users who wouldn't open the chosen campaign.

3. Retarget In-App Viewers

Finally, this feature lets you retarget users who viewed an In-App campaign or exclude them from the targeting, either from a new In-App campaign or a push notification.

Note: Retargeting is a cross-channel feature. For instance, you can create a push campaign targeting users who viewed a previously sent In-App campaign or trigger an In-app campaign to an audience who received a previous push.

B/ Where to set the retargeting?

Create a new targeting condition in the campaign creation form. If the feature is activated, you will find the 3 Retargeting options in the Native Attributes section.

Choose the campaign you would like to use for retargeting in the dropdown.

That's it! You can complete and send your campaign.

If you use Retargeting for the first time, please consider that the feature can take up to a few hours to be fully functional after activation. Also, note that only campaigns created after the activation of the feature will be eligible for retargeting.

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