Usually, Advertising IDs and Custom User IDs are the easiest tools to find your device on Batch and register yourself as a tester on the platform.

However, these identifiers aren't always available in Batch :

  • Your app may globally not share Advertising ID with Batch.

  • Your own device may block the Advertising ID sharing.

Regarding Custom User ID :

  • It's usually only set for logged-in users.

  • You may not know your Custom User ID.

You will be able to retrieve your Installation ID following the methods below.

Option A: Use the "Find my installation" feature

From version 1.18 of our SDK, Batch will copy the Installation ID to the clipboard when the application appears in the foreground 4 times within 20 seconds.

Here is how to do it:

Note: If you are on an older version of the SDK or deactivated this feature via our dedicated method, we recommend displaying the Installation ID somewhere in the app: Displaying the installation ID.

If it hasn't been done, you'll still be able to find your Installation ID following the option detailed below.

Option B: Use the Mac Console

1. Prerequisites

To find your Installation ID for an iOS app, you need to have your device plugged to a Mac.

2. Open the console

Use Spotlight (CMD + space) to locate the Console app, and open it.

3. Select your device

Your device should appear in the left pane, select it. If it doesn't appear, please check that you're correctly plugged to your computer.

4. Find your Installation ID

Once your device is selected, open your app on your device (smartphone/tablet).
Then, filter the results of the logs in the Console: type com.batch.ios and select the "Subsystem" category.

Your Installation ID will appear in the logs:

You can now copy it and find it in the debug section of the dashboard:

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