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How to find a user's profile in the Profiles section?
How to find a user's profile in the Profiles section?

Here is an article showing how to find the profile of a user in the Profiles section of the Batch Dashboard

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The Profiles view allows you to centralize all data related to a user in one place.

This section of the dashboard allows you to visualize all the data collected by Batch on your users, regardless of the platform, and to build unified customer profiles from all existing data sources (web SDKs, mobile SDKs or our data ingestion APIs).

How to find a user's profile?

💡 A user profile can be found through an Email address, a Custom User ID or an Installation ID:

Using the Email address

The Email address allows you to send targeted and relevant communications to your customers.

Batch supports importing your known email subscribers in three ways:

Using the Custom User ID

Indeed, the Custom User ID is a native field you can use to attach a unique user ID to one or several devices.

If you have Batch’s web or mobile SDK deployed, it is assigned to your users when they are connected to their customer account.

A Custom User ID can also be associated with a profile at creation using the Profile API.

Using the Installation ID

The Installation ID is an anonymous ID generated by Batch the first time users open your app or your website, whether they opt-in for push notifications or not. That ID changes each time users reinstall your app.

You will be able to retrieve your Installation ID following the articles below:

Once you get your Custom User ID or Installation ID, you can use it to find the user's profile:

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