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How to add and edit images in my email?
How to add and edit images in my email?

Everything you need to know to use images in the Email Composer!

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Images are essential in your email marketing strategy. They represent your brand and products, and one of the first things that catch the eyes when opening an email. We will see how to manage them to create your email.

Add images

Once you have finished the structure of your email, you can add Blocks to define the content of each part of your email.

Create the block

From the Content tab and Blocks, you will be able to choose Image or Banner and place it on your email:

Link the image

Now, you will be able to attach the image to the Block! First, click on the Image block to open the settings panel on the left.

There are 2 ways to add your image:

  • Upload an image from your computer

You can then drag and drop the image you want to use for your campaign or upload it from your computer by clicking the arrow and selecting the image of your choice on your files.

  • Use an external link

That's work too! You can use an image from the web using an URL link. In the External link field, copy the link to your image.

πŸ’‘ Tips

If you want to use this image for other campaigns, select the Download to the gallery option. Otherwise, choose Leave as external Link.

Edit images

Now that your images are in place, you can edit them to make them perfect for your email!

Select your image and, on the settings panel, click on Edit image πŸͺ„

In a new pop-up window, your image will be opened with the Pixie editor where you can do whatever you want!

It is possible to:

  • Apply filters

  • Resize and crop images

  • Draw

  • Place text

  • Add stickers

  • Add frames

  • Apply backgrounds

  • and so mush more!

Once you've finished editing, do not forget to click on Save in the editor window to apply the changes to your image.

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