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How to add text and links to my email?
How to add text and links to my email?

Everything you need to know to add text and links to your email thanks to our Email Composer!

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Adding relevant text and incorporating links withing your email can help increase engagement and allow your readers to further engage with your brand. In this article we will see how to highlight your email content ✨

Add text

Once you have finished the structure of your email, you can add Blocks to define the content of each part of your email.

Create the block

From the Content tab and Blocks, you will be able to drag the Text feature to the layout and drop it on your email:

Write your text

Once you create the block:

  1. Click on it and start to add your text.

  2. Set up your text parameters on the settings panel on the left.

  3. Use all the properties displayed on the top of the composer to edit your text.

🎨 You can choose the font, style and size. You can also add emoticons, bullet points, etc.

Alternate text

If the image doesn't appear, you can choose to add an alternate text.

An alternate text is a text that appears when the image fails to display. It can also refer to text that's read instead of an image for the visually impaired.

It should be concise, yet informative, and should highlight the image's significance to your message.

You can add this text directly in the Email composer, by clicking on the image:

Add links

Once you added your text:

  1. Click to edit.

  2. Highligh the text you want to make clickable.

  3. Click the chain link.

  4. Choose the type of link you want to add.

  5. Paste your URL into the box.

  6. You're done 🎉

💡 Tips for the links

Do not forget that every link has a purpose:

  • Call to actions: try to place them towards the top of your email and add a little space between them so they can stand out. To make them even more visible, you can even replace them with buttons.

  • More Information: complete your existing text by including links for further details. Select relevant keywords and phrases within your text and hyperlink them to provide definitions or more information.

☝️ The use of URL shorteners is not recommended. Inboxes can interpret it as an attempt to hide the content of your url and see you as a spam.

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