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How is calculated the open rate of my push campaigns?
How is calculated the open rate of my push campaigns?

Read that guide to understand how open rate is calculated and know more on direct/influenced opens.

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What is the open rate and what is a good open rate?

The "open rate" or "click rate" is the total of opened notifications (direct + influenced) / total of notifications sent to users who accepted to receive push notifications and are not in the imported segment.

In short, it helps you measure the user's reaction to your push notifications.

Batch tracks 2 types of opens:

  • Direct opens are the number of users who opened your app by tapping or clicking directly on the notification.

  • Influenced opens which are the number of users who received a notification and opened your app or website within the next 3 hours. They have been influenced by your message in opening your app or visiting your website.

In 2020 the average open rate for all industries is 3.2%.

Please note the open rate varies from one country to another, from one type of service to another, from one type of push to another, from one time of the day to another, etc. If you want to know how to improve your open rate, check this article.

Why should I monitor my open rate and adapt it to my needs?

Your open rate is your main KPI as it measures your push performance. It lets you know how your content performed: if your users liked it, if it was well segmented, sent at a relevant time, etc.

A poor open rate can indicate that the timing wasn't right, users received too many messages, the content didn't fit the right user's profile, etc.

As two different users' reactions (direct or influenced) are included in the open rate calculation, you should ponder which one reflects best your app usage. Measuring properly your open rate is key to analysing your engagement performance and keep improving your notifications.

How to modify my open rate calculation?

Batch allows you to choose between 2 relevant ways to calculate your open rate.

Monitoring direct and influenced opens

This is the default calculation method. It generates a coherent open rate since it is based on only users who actually received your push campaigns.

This is how your performance analytics will look like:

Monitoring direct opens exclusively

This method excludes the influenced opens. Influenced opens may be irrelevant for media apps because users open the app frequently, regardless of the notifications received in the last 3 hours.

This is how your performance analytics will look like:

Requesting a modification for your account

Need to change the way Batch calculates the open rate for your app?

Please contact our team at or use the live chat. The calculation method can be changed for a specific app in case you don't want to change it for all the apps added to your account.

This article belongs to Batch's FAQ. Need more help? Find insightful articles, documentation, case & market studies, guides, and even more in our website's Resources section on and our blog.

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