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How to add a background to my email?
How to add a background to my email?

In this article you will learn how to create a consistent design in your email.

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Backgrounds applied to individual containers or strips help you to draw receivers' attention to specific elements. On the other hand, backgrounds applied to entire emails help make your design consistent and complete.

Add a background color

Each element of the structure of your email has its own background. It allows you to enlighten specific parts of your email. If you want one unique color, you need to change the background for all the elements.

To add the color background, click on the element of the structure in your email, and on the options panel on the left you'll find the Background color of content field. Choose a color among the proposition or type the color code of your choice 👇

Add a background image

⚠️ First, note that the background image will be visible on desktop, but not on mobile devices.

To add a background image, go to the Appearance tab and find the Background image button in the General Settings part 👇

There, add your image by dropping one or with an external link. If you need help handling the image and editing it, read this article from our Help Center.

Once the chosen image is here, you can set it up! Define its position and click the "Repeat image" button if you want your image to be applied to the whole email, no matter how long it is.

⚠️ Note that some email providers, such as Outlook, may not display the background image. We recommend that you also define a background color, similar to the background image.

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