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How to create an email banner?
How to create an email banner?

In this article, you'll find everything you need to know on how to create a banner for your emails, via to the Email Composer!

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Banners are the first element your reader will see at the opening of your email. They introduce your brand and set the tone of the e-mail, which is why it's so important to make them as impactful as possible.

Insert your banner in the Email Composer

To add a banner, simply drag and drop the Banner Block in the structure of a column, where you want it to be.

Click on that Block in the model, and select the Image you want to use.

There are 2 ways to add your image:

  • Upload an image from your computer

You can then drag and drop the image you want to use for your campaign or upload it from your computer by clicking the arrow and selecting the image of your choice on your files.

  • Use an external link

You can use an image URL link that you host on your end. In the External link field, copy the link to your image.


🎨 Once your image is selected, you can apply different effects to it. Indeed, you can:

  • choose the orientation (vertical, square, horizontal)

  • adjust the height of the picture

  • apply different filters to your visual

πŸ” You can also add content to your banner, such as a deeplink, an anchor link or an alternative text.

  • anchor link: web page element that links to another location on the same page. They are typically used for long or text-heavy pages so that visitors can jump to a specific part of the page without having to scroll as much.

  • alternative text: also called "Alt text", is a textual description for non-text content that explains the presence or function of an image on a webpage.

Then, if you want to place text on the banner image, click on the "T" button in the toolbar at the top of the template. Draw your text zone, and then replace the caption with yours. You can set the font size, colour and type.

Finally, you can add images to your banner and place them where they suit you.

πŸ’‘ You can perform all the editing steps in the order of your choice!

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