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How to set up the general appearance settings of my email?
How to set up the general appearance settings of my email?

The general settings of the Email Composer will help you save time when creating your campaign. Configure them before setting up your email.

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We strongly recommend setting up the general appearance of your emails such as fonts, colors, or margins before starting to focus on the content. It is a real time-saving gesture as these settings will be applied to all the content elements of your emails!

From the Appearance tab of the Email composer, 5 sections will help you to define your email appearance.

General Settings

In this menu, you will be able to modify appearance content, such as:

  • the width of the message

  • the padding of the message

  • the fonts

  • the color of the font

  • the line spacing

  • the background color

You can also enable or disable functions such as underlining links, implemented RTL text direction, and responsive design. You can also choose to add a background image.


Stripes are made of structures and define the body of your email. Change the content of a Stripe by clicking on it and going to Message area to select a new type of content :

In the Appearance tab, the Stripe section allows you to set up different text settings and backgrounds for each part of the email:

  • Header

  • Content

  • Footer

  • Info area


This is a special section to manage your Headings' font size and colour.

Tips πŸ’‘

Select a part of your text and add a format.

Adding it will help you to set up a uniform mobile responsive text later in the Mobile Formatting section.


Here you can set up the design of the buttons you may add to your email. Font, border, padding, colours, it's all here!

Mobile Formatting

This section allows you to set up specific settings working only in the mobile version of the email template in email client which support media queries.

You can now start to write the content of your email!

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